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UOW Partner Share Scheme: NCI

In conjunction with our partner, NCI, UOW is granted an annual allocation of compute time and storage on Gadi.

Allocations of compute time and storage are available to all UOW researchers (as per the allocation rules defined below).

The partner share scheme is managed and distributed by the UOW HPC Steering Committee, the Steering Committee chair and the Research Office.

Getting Started on Gadi

In order to get started on Gadi, it is necessary to:

Please note

You should be Lead CI on no more than 1 project as per NCMAS rules (page 13).

For projects with HDR student members, we generally recommend that the HDR supervisor be nominated as project lead – this helps provide oversight and continuity to the project. It is possible to specify a delegate project lead should the supervisor not access the project/system on a regular basis.

NCI provides some useful documentation with regard to working in the Gadi environment – some links to note include:

Compute Time Allocation Rules

UoW has access to 6529 KSU per quarter except for q1 which is 5285 KSU (applicable until 2023 q2).

Applications for HPC compute time from academic staff (for new and existing projects) are welcome and will initially be handled by RO + HPC Steering Committee chair. The full HPC Steering Committee at meeting (timing permitting) or via email will review the set of requests as to be filed with NCI at the beginning of each quarter, with interim applications and adjustments by RO + HPC Steering Committee chair.

Provided there are no technical reasons as to why the project is unsuited to the selected computer system, all reasonable requests will be considered.

Quarterly Allocations

The starting share for each project is the UoW share divided by the number of allocation requests in that quarter. If some projects need less than that amount, the remaining time is redistributed between projects that requested more than that amount.

Call-outs for applications for compute time on Gadi for the UOW/NCI Partner Share will be made before the beginning of each quarter. More information can be found at Requesting Compute Time and Storage on Gadi on the UOW/NCI Partner Share

All NCI users must ensure that they are on the NCI HPC Users mailing list. If you are an NCI user and are not on this mailing list, please sign up via the NCI HPC Users Mailing List sign-up page

Storage Requests

Accompanying storage requirements must be reasonable and proportionate, and we will also be expecting users to keep us up-to-date at least monthly if they won't be utilising all of the storage request. Here storage = disk space, and any time for storage jobs (copyq queue) would be expected to be included in the compute time request. Researchers should be familiar with the different filesystems available (massdata, /g/data, /scratch)and are expected to use them appropriately.

Storage requests over 1TB will be reviewed by the UOW HPC administrators (HPC Steering Committee Chair and RSO), while requests > 5TB will be reviewed by the full Steering Committee.

Mid-Quarter Review: Compute Time Top-up/Under-utilisation

In the middle of each quarter, project leads will be asked to review their current projects and indicate if:

  • additional compute time is required.

  • the current allocation of compute time for the quarter is still required.

  • any compute time should be re-allocated to other projects.

30% Utilisation

For projects with usage of  30% at the time of the mid quarter review, if we do not receive a survey response, we will re-allocate at least 50% of the remaining compute time of your project and if resources are tight, we may remove your allocation completely.

The remaining partner share buffer time, including any time available for re-allocation, will be allocated 1 week after the mid-quarter review (allocation calculations follow the initial quarterly allocation determination).


It is recommended to raise requests at the start of a quarter, because as we progress through initial and mid-quarter allocations, the available compute time remaining for allocation may be limited. 

More information about raising requests can be found at Requesting Compute Time and Storage on Gadi on the UOW/NCI Partner Share


  • Allocations are valid for a specific quarter
  • Allocations must be used or re-allocated to another project within the quarter specified - there is no roll-over mechanism once an allocation has been made
Resource Requests

Call-outs for compute time every quarter will be sent to the Lead CI’s of every project, to ensure that there is no ‘doubling up’ of compute time requests for each project. Each Lead CI will be emailed a survey link that is unique to their project.

All members of the mailing list will be notified via email when the Lead CI’s have received their Compute Time Request email. If your Lead CI has not received has not received an allocation survey link at this time you should contact

More information about this can be found at System to request compute time and storage on Gadi on the UOW/NCI Partner Share

Please note: the Lead CI of all projects need to have active NCI accounts and they cannot be suspended. For more information, please see Suspended users

Note: GPU Compute Charges

  • NCI does not charge service units (SUs) for GPUs; however jobs are charged for the associated CPU usage
  • Further details are available on the NCI documentation page.
Acknowledge UOW/NCI Partner Share in Publications

It is a condition of use that the use of the UOW/NCI Partner Share be cited in the acknowledgements section of publications.

An acceptable form of words is:

"This research/project was undertaken with the assistance of resources and services from the University of Wollongong (UOW) partner share of the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), which is supported by the Australian Government."


During the September 2017 HPC Training sessions, Dr Roger Edberg (Manager, User Services - NCI) presented on the NCMAS application process. The slides from this presentation are available here:

NOTE: please review the NCMAS guidelines appropriate for the year you are submitting for (2019 has introduced some changes and enhancements).


For any questions relating to the NCI Partner Share or high performance computing at the University of Wollongong, please email